Luna Encantada – Transportation & Contact

Luna Encantada Transportation & Contact

Villa H2 – Calle 6 and the beach
Vonage phone number in Unit: 303-482-1215


Location – Luna Encantada is located at Calle 6 and Playa/Beach.  As you cross over 5th Avenue which is the pedestrian walkway, it is ½ block up on your right.  Look to the right for the entrance to the condominiums.  The building is a light terra cotta color and there is space for a cab to pull in and park for unloading.  If you are renting a car, the garage entrance is the driveway to the right of the gate. If you are walking from the bus terminal, travel north (to the left on 5th Avenue) until you reach Calle 6, turn right and walk one half block. H2 is located on the second floor.  Take the elevator and go to your left when you get off.  It is the 1st Unit you will come to.

Transportation from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen
You have several options:

  1. Private Transportation can be arranged for you if requested. Driver will meet you outside the airport with a sign bearing your last name and take you to Luna Encantada in an air conditioned full size van.  Cost is approximately $75 each way and can include an optional stop for groceries for a nominal additional fee (Confirm Price in Advance).  The private car service I use is owned by Johnny Garcia Cruz cell phone is 011 +52 1 984 807-8329, direct phone 011 +52 984 155-2881, email jonatha1n@gmail.com.  He has several divers and one will greet you as you exit the airport terminal with a sign and your name.
  1. Riviera Airport/ADO/Playa Bus: For a low cost transportation alternative, take the airport shuttle bus “RIVIERA/ADO” to Playa del Carmen. After passing through immigration and customs, you will see several booths for transport, tours and car rentals. Go to the RIVERA booth which is at the very end just before you walk outside.  If you don’t see it and/or you get a bit confused by all of the vendors vying for your attention, you may purchase your ticket at their second booth which is just outside the doors.  The tickets are about $8 per person and the bus has frequent departures.  The bus drops you at the downtown terminal in Playa del Carmen which is a very short walk to the condo.  Simply walk north (left) on 5th Avenue to Calle 6 and turn right.  Walk one half-block to Luna Encantada.  You can have one of the men on the 3 wheeled bikes haul your luggage to the condo for a few dollars.
  1. Rental Car: Easy and convenient but not necessary. You can arrange for a rental car through the numerous agencies available at the airport or rent a car in Playa.
  1. Other options, which are not recommended, include:

Shuttle: Next to the Riviera booth, there is a shuttle service which will take you for approx $19 USD per person.

Taxi: Taxi service from the Cancun Airport is approximately $100 US Dollars.

  1. If you are arriving from Cozumel via the ferry you may also secure luggage assistance from one of the men driving the three wheeled bicycles. Walk straight west from the ferry dock about one block until you reach 5th Avenue.  Turn right (north).  At Calle 6 you will turn right (east).  The entrance to Luna Encantada is midway down the street on the right hand side.

If you are driving

  • Upon exiting the airport, follow the road until you reach a sign that says to go straight to Cancun, or right to Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Paradisus.  Get off on the exit right to get on the highway heading south towards Playa del Carmen.
  • Follow this highway about 45 minutes south until you enter Playa del Carmen.  Continue on the highway through town until you reach the traffic light that turns on to Avenida Juarez.
  • Take a left on Juarez, then continue all the way through town until you reach Avenida 10.  The avenues (avenidas) are numbered by 5’s from the ocean, so when you reach Avenida 10, you will only be two blocks from the ocean.
  • Take a left turn on Avenida 10, heading north.  Drive three blocks until you reach Calle 6. (see photos below).  The streets (calles) are numbered by 2’s going up from Juarez.
  • Take a right on Calle 6.  You will notice that there is an arrow pointing the opposite way, but you are allowed to drive east towards the condos on Calle 6.  If you are stopped by the police officer who is normally positioned on the corner, simply say (Voy a Luna Encantada), and he will let you through.
  • Drive 1 ½ blocks east on Calle 6.  Be very careful as you pass the first block (5th Avenue), as this is a pedestrian street and they have the right-of-way.
  • Right before you reach the ocean you will see the entrance to Luna Encantada (see photo on the previous page).  There is a parking garage on the west side of the building. Drive down the ramp to the garage, but be really careful.

H2 Condo Manager (Edith Ortega) – Please see information above regarding the Unit Manager, Edith Ortega. Edith and her Assistant Luis speaks fluent English. Their office is in the parking garage.

On-Site Unit H2 Manager (Edith Ortega)
984 207 1654
984 803 5084
Email: edithverenice05@gmail.com

Luna HOA Property Manager (Jonny & Abigual)
984 157 5524
Email: hoa@cbpplaya.com

Luna  Encantada General Manager (Abigail or Jonnie) –The manager’s office is located under the complex in the parking garage.  Please note that the office is open only until noon on Saturdays and is closed on Sundays.

Luna Encantada Office:
984 879 4026
Email: hoa@cbpplaya.com

Security –We provide security guards 24 hours a day.  There are video cameras throughout the building. There is a safe in the unit in the master bedroom closet.

Vonage Phone Service– This condo is equipped with a Vonage phone.  Your calls are for free to and from the US & Canada. However the call and service does not include Mexico.  You can call land lines for free in Canada, Italy, France, Spain, UK and Ireland.  The condo phone number is 303-482-1215.

Internet Access – Broadband internet access is free.  This condo has wireless access.  The code for accessing the wireless internet via your laptop is “lunaencantadah2”, and is also printed on the modem, which is in the living room by the TV.

***Should you have any trouble with the phone or internet access, try unplugging and plugging in the routers again.  Often this will solve the problem.  If that doesn’t work, check with management to ensure that the internet is up and working.

towels/linens/kitchen – Each condo is equipped with an ample supply of blue beach towels, bath towels and linens.  You do not need to bring any.  We make every effort to keep the kitchen stocked with such amenities as coffee filters, teas and spices. Shampoo and hair dryers are supplied in the bathrooms.

DVD Players – All rooms in the unit are equipped with televisions and DVD players.

Restaurants – In Playa – 5th Avenue is the pedestrian walkway and where most of the shops and restaurants are located.  (There are also many on 10th Avenue and on the side streets that cross 5th). There are many other and better and definitely less expensive restaurants. Let me know if you want recommendations.

Beach/ Umbrella Attendant – There is a beach attendant at Luna to help you with your umbrella and lounge chairs. You can also order beverages and food which he will deliver to you from a restaurant next door.


Super Walmart – between 8th and 10th on 30th Ave.  Not like your run of the mill American WalMart.  In addition to beer, wine and alcohol, it has a fresh fish counter, panaderia (bakery) with DELICIOUS warm tortillas, an olive bar, a molé bar and some wonderful prepared deli foods.  For the most part, if you need it on your vacation, you can get it here.

Mega – Similar to WalMart, but nicer.  Located just down the street (you can see it from WalMart).

Souvenir Shopping – It’s all right there on 5th Avenue and the side streets of 10th Avenue.

Movies  –  The theatre complex at Plaza de la Americas is nice and new and most movies are in English with Spanish subtitles.

Playa Del Carmen – Mexico phone code for Playa Del Carmen is 011-521-984

Police 873-0291
Red Cross 873-1233
Pharmacy 873-0744
Buses 873-0109
Taxis 873-0032
Airport 873-0804
Tourist Office 873-1001
Fire Station 873-0291
Ferry 873-0067
Hospital 873-0284
City Hall 873-0290
Air Taxis Aerosaab 873-0501

Medical Services

Red Cross, Juarez & 25th Ave. N. 873-1233
Itegral Hospital, Juarez & 15th Ave. S. 873-0314
IMSS Social Security Hospital, 30th Ave. betw. 4 & 6 S. 873-0284
Emergencies, 24 hours, 1st Ave. S. betw. 20 & 25 873-0326

Dr. Bernardo Diaz Avila – familiar with Luna Encantada $50 US per visit
(984) 745-0294, 24HRS Emergency, Fully English Speaking

Ferry Service – 987-872-1508 and 1588

Cozumel to Playa. $80 pesos (i.e. $7) one way. Departs a.m. at 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and p.m. at 12, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10

Playa to Cozumel. Departs a.m. 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, and p.m. at 12, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Buy tickets at the ferry dock on the south end of 5th Ave. just off the square.  Ferry schedules do change sometimes so be sure to check.  They run on time and if you miss the last ferry you are stuck!

Your Owner Contact:

Joseph Bloch
(303) 808-5776
1401 Wewatta Street, #612
Denver, CO 80202
Email:  jbloch@vail.net


Fishing, Snorkling, and other boat excursions which are right next door:

Wahoo Water Sports – Ask for Marcos or Freddie
Between 4th – 6th Str. N
Marcos #52 (984) 144-8998
(Beachfront looking at Ocean- 100 feet to the right)

Scuba Diving:
Scuba 10
Owner: Gerardo
10th Avenue ½ block south of Coco Bongo

Fitness Club:
(Yoga, Crossfit, Spinning and other Classes)
The Gym
1st Ave and Calle 14

Golf:    Please ask Joseph Bloch for a list of courses.

Playa Car Rental for the Day: Rentadora – Jorge 984-176-4933