Arrival and Entry Instructions

Entry Instructions

Important Manager Numbers – Each condo at Luna Encantada is individually owned and managed. The common area staff does not care for this individual unit nor can they help you with your lockbox. Do not share the lockbox code with anyone not in your group. If you have problems with the lockbox, need assistance, or lose your keys, do not ask the common area or security staff. Contact my property unit manager, Edith Ortega at 984 207 1654 or after hours at 984 803 5084 [edithverenice05@gmail.com] or Owner Joseph Bloch at 303-808-5776 (US #) [jbloch@vail.net] for assistance. (See other contact information attached hereto.)

Suggestion – So as to not lose your keys, we recommend that you leave the keys in the lockbox each time you leave the condo instead of taking them with you, especially when you go to the pool or the beach. That way your group can come and go from the condo and the keys don’t get lost.

Check-in – This condo is owned by Joseph Bloch. However, if there is a problem on site, please contact the security guard or Unit Manager Edith Ortega, or Luna HOA representative, to assist you with any matters related to the interior of the condo. Their offices are located in the parking garage. A member of the guest services staff (Edith or Luis) will stop by shortly after you arrive. If you arrive after 5:00 P.M., guest services will visit you the following day unless it is a Sunday.

Inside the Condo

Check in and checkout times – Check in is 2:00 PM. Check out is 11:00 AM. If you plan to arrive prior to 2:00 PM, or if you plan on departing after 11:00 AM, please contact the Owner. If we do not have a guest checking out the same day you check in, or if we do not have a guest checking in the same day you check out, we can likely make an exception for you to accommodate your schedule, but we have to inform the property management company so that they can schedule their procedures correctly. If the property management company enforces the check in or checkout times, these instructions must be respected.

Pool and Ocean – There is no lifeguard on duty. Do not take glass to the pool or to the beach. Instructions from the common area staff and security must be obeyed at all times. Use caution while in the ocean as tides and currents can change. Do not leave children unattended. The beach in front of Luna Encantada is public. Do not leave valuables unattended at any time.

Air Conditioning – Electricity is extremely expensive in Playa del Carmen, and AC accounts for the majority of electricity usage. When guests abuse the AC, it makes is difficult for owners and agents to keep rental prices reasonable. If you leave doors open, PLEASE do not run AC unit wile doors are open. H2 has a great breeze.

Drinking Water – 5 gallon bottles are provided for drinking. The tap water is also purified and will suffice for this. When you finish a bottle of water, place the empty bottle near the door (inside the condo, not outside) and the guest services or housekeeping staff will ensure that it gets replaced. While eating at restaurants, order bottled water only.

Towels – Bath towels, beach towels and linens are provided and laundered at no cost to you. To help us conserve cost and to help the environment, do not throw clean towels on the floor. Do not use towels to clean. Do not hang beach towels from the balcony except on the hooks! Before entering the condo, shake as much sand from the beach towels as possible. Do not throw sandy beach towels in the washer/dryer if there is one in your condo. Do not leave towels at the beach or at the pool. You will be charged for any missing or damaged towels. Towels are specific to each condo and management company and are not shared by everyone in the complex. If you lose towels, please report this immediately to management.

Maid Service and Tipping – Housekeeping is typically provided 1-2 times per week. Times and frequency of housekeeping will vary. Housekeeping will include throwing trash, changing towels and linens, sweeping and mopping, and cleaning dishes. Please note that these condos are privately owned units. They are someone’s second home, and we ask that you treat the condos as you would your own home. As much as possible, please keep the condo clean and tidy during your stay. A significant portion of the housekeeper’s salary is based on tips, so if you feel that they did a good job, please leave a tip. An appropriate tip is $4 per cleaning.

Security – Playa del Carmen is a safe area, but petty theft is common in Mexico. Use good judgment at all times. Do not leave valuables unattended while at the pool, the beach or while in town. The management company does their best to hire reliable and honest staff, but please do not leave any valuable visible in the condo. Safes are provided in the condo and instructions on using the safe are in the guest guide. Use the safe to store all valuables! The owners of the condos are not responsible for any items that go missing during your stay.

Survey – At the end of your stay, a survey will be sent to your email. Please fill it out. Surveys help us with marketing and give us valuable information on needed improvements and staffing.

Telephone and Internet – Unit H2 has a Vonage phone and wireless internet which allows free calls to and from the United States and Canada. The Vonage phone is a USA phone number and works just like a phone in the U.S. The phone number is (303) 482-1215. There is also wireless internet service in the condo. The security code is lunacantadah2. If you have any problems with the internet or Vonage, please contact Edith Ortega.

Emergencies – For all emergencies, we recommend contacting security at the Lunda Encantada Office at +52 984 879 4026 or Edith Ortega at 984 207 1654 or after hours at 984 803 5084.

Festivals & Events – There are festivals and beach events throughout the year that can impact your stay, so please check the events calendar. If you type “Playa del Carmen Events Calendar” in the Google Search browser if will list all of the local and regional events.

If you need any additional information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We hope you have a fantastic time in Playa del Carmen and Luna Encantada.